We offer sawing services for any person and any occasion!



Every woman wants to wear exclusively what fits her body, what makes her different and special. We follow the latest world’s fashion and offer counseling on latest trends, fabrics or styles.Woman’s dresses, skirts, blouses, suites, coats, shirts, pants and blazers are our specialties. 


Custom tailored suites and shirts will make you comfortable and respectful from those around you.  There is nothing better than start a day with compliments about your style and wearing.

Babies and Kids

They can enjoy original and beautiful clothes created as they want.  Custom made suits, costumes, dresses, pants, hats and other accessories will help your kids to develop their unique fashion style from early age.

Special Occasions

Unique evening, cocktail, prom and other special occasion dresses are ideal for custom tailoring. Services for fashion shows, boutiques and restaurants are part of our portfolio as well. 

Alternation and other Services

We offer alteration of all types of clothes and textile made products. Narrowing, widening, zip and lining replacement is part of our everyday life. Curtains, tablecloths, covers and bedding custom made services are available too. 

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